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From Jose Kahan <>
Subject Re: Jose's recent location test/failures
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 14:44:39 GMT

Here's my second take at submitting these tests. Following Bill's
comments, I did some changes to remove the ambiguity.

These tests check that the directives inside <LocationMatch>, 
<Directory> sections as well as .htaccess are taken into
account when processing internal subrequests. The test
case consists in using AddCharset to add a bogus charset in the
configuration and using conneg to trigger a subrequest. e.g.,

       <LocationMatch  "^/apache/subrequests/location_override/">
          Options +MultiViews
	  AddCharset bogus .bc

Although there are six tests, only test four fails when
PR 41960 is not applied. I added the extra five just to make 
sure the flaw won't appear in the other sections.

You will find here attached the subrequests.t test file as well
as a tgz archive with the tests. 

Before running the tests, you need to patch using 
the included diff file. This is a diff 
from svn trunk.

Feel free to request further changes.


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