On 9/6/07, Steffen <info@apachelounge.com> wrote:
The later post was a report of an other tester, sorry no answer I have.

Yes, I dicusssed it with the maintainer of mod_fcgid today. He is puzzling
now an as I told before, we have to wait.

Oh, btw:  mod_perl (also build with VC8) is not working with 2.2.6, with
2.2.5 RC no single issue.

Odd works fine with my limited setup over here.
I you want to try my binary?


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> Steffen wrote:
>> I the meantime we have to advise the users not to use 2.2.6 because  is
>> not compatible with some mods (not just mod_fcgid). We shall advise to
>> stay on 2.2.4 or 2.2.5 RC.
> If you would like to clear up FUD ("some mods") with "explicit mods" that
> would be productive.  It would also be productive to discuss your concern
> with the mod_fcgid maintainers, as the apr behavior is not likely to be
> regressed to the previous behavior of leaking file handles (which I
> suspect
> mod_fcgid had leveraged).
> If I understand your later post;
>> mod_fcgid is not working for me, either with Perl or with my own FCGI
>> test program.
> your issues with mod_perl were in conjunction -with- mod_fcgid?  Just
> trying
> to narrow down the focus.
> Bill