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From "Fran├žois" <>
Subject Re: 2.2.7
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2007 08:05:52 GMT
2007/9/27, William A. Rowe, Jr. <>:
> [...] Here at dev@httpd we are trying to create a better server, and
> having
> fun in the process.  As long as we don't splinter the effort of improving
> httpd server or make more work for the project members, we'll all have fun
> at it.  I'm not picking on you, let's solve the issues.
> Bill

I still don't want to feed that troll, but, enough of it ... "having fun in
the process" is largely over-stated... I remember, for example, the
territorial flame war about mod_mem_cache that had nothing  fun (where davi
wrote he was leaving the mailing/dev ...). And the "we, for fun against you,
for profit" argument is well demonstrated by a more recent mail of Nick Kew:
"Some apache developers, including myself[1], make a living doing
contract work for companies with development needs, such as yours.
If you have a budget, I'll be happy to talk to you.  The fact you're
looking to make it available as open source will qualify you for
a reduction in my standard rate."

(And you talk about spam regarding apachelounge, please...)

Thus, Apache commiters or developers are developping for fun (sometimes for
fame) AND profit. And that's not my opinion, but what Nick says.
Apache is a way to make money (consulting, conferences, etc.), and not only
to develop a "better server". I had a nice experience about it with a patch
I submitted regarding mod_setenvif, discussed on IRC with nick who told me
it was redundant with mod_filter (at a time were mod_filter was not
production ready, and that patch was already deployed and easily
code-reviewed ). The features provided by this patch were (and still are)
very useful for  some users (customers of my company, and lot other
according to the downloading of it, including Brian Akins), easier in a lot
of way to manage than Nick's mod_filter, and was +1 in this mailing list
(including by a commiter). But, it was/is ignored, refused, etc.

Please, just stop to make argumentation opposing opensource or community
people against business people, and adding "we may coexist peacefully
blablabla". It sounds to me like all is about business here, and that's not
a problem for me, but please don't make innocent readers of this mailing
list believe that it is about something like hippie - opensource community

Regarding the threatening mail from Roy T. Fielding, :
"There would not be a windows version of Apache without Bill's efforts
to keep it alive, and there won't be one in the future if windows
developers refuse to participate in the development mailing lists HERE."

Really ? Do you mean that without William Rowe, Covalent ( ) would have chosen an other
opensource product. Are you sure that no other company at all would have
found a way (or a brilliant developer) to make money from "apache certified
builds" ?

I really don't like the kind of disinformation you are making here, so
please, stop politics and marketing here, and let's talk about development.
And please, don't misunderstand me : I fully appreciate the work everyone is
doing here, including Nick's and William's. I particularly thanks them for
their availability and politeness on IRC and this mailing list.

*Francois Pesce*

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