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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r573264 - /httpd/httpd/trunk/include/scoreboard.h
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2007 17:09:21 GMT

On Sep 11, 2007, at 12:44 PM, jean-frederic clere wrote:

> Jim Jagielski wrote:
>> On Sep 11, 2007, at 12:09 PM, jean-frederic clere wrote:
>>>> 1. IMHO requires a minor bump.
>>> Find a patch that covers all the points you raised below.
>>> More comments?
>> Requires a major bump. Also destroys all those mystical
>> other "balancers" from working as-is, since they
>> must now be not only recompiled but also re-coded to
>> implement ap_proxy_lb_worker_size() so that the
>> old "lb_score" entry exists and has some size associated
>> with it...
> ap_proxy_lb_worker_size is in mod_proxy as RĂ¼diger suggested it.

My point is that this function must be defined by any "other"
balancer that wants to use this scoreboard space. You had
mentioned concern that we can't be monkeying all that
much with lb_score and stuff because "other" balancers
may be wanting to use it. This patch does nothing to
help that really... once the API breaks, well, we
can do whatever we want :)

> I agree it can't be backported to 2.2 but why can't it by in trunk?

Never said it couldn't. Just made a comment that this
patch isn't suitable for backporting. If I didn't care
about a backportable patch, I would have originally created
something quite different than what I did. 2.2 *still* has
the problem. Instead, we're fixing something that doesn't
have a problem... :/

Of course, all this assumes that the present usage of
a general scoreboard is still the right design choice.
Personally, as was discussed awhile ago, we need
a better abstraction as well as moving *away* from
a general purpose-shove-everything-in-here scoreboard.
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