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From Nick Gearls <>
Subject FakeBasicAuth changes
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 16:06:52 GMT
Did something change in 2.2.6 regarding FakeBasicAuth ?
I always get now 'user /...: authentication failure for "/path/": 
Password Mismatch'.
It worked with version 2.0.59, with the same config (see below).
Does 2.2.6 it use another hash algorithm by default or so ?

In the debug log, I can find:
   Faking HTTP Basic Auth header: "Authorization: Basic 

What is this header contents ? Isn't it supposed to be base64 ? I cannot 
decode it.



SSLVerifyClient require
<Location "/">
 SSLOptions +FakeBasicAuth
 Authname "NSA protected site for countries"
 AuthType Basic
 AuthUserFile conf/users.auth
 Require valid-user

user.auth (DN coming from OpenSSL):

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