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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Patch (against trunk) for bug #41960
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 22:23:42 GMT
Jose Kahan wrote:
> I had also submitted a new test procedure for the test suite.
> It hasn't yet been commited, although it reproduces the faulty
> behavior that my patch is intended to fix.

Fantasic :)

> I don't know what else to do to  be able to submit a valid bug
> report and potential patch to you: patch against trunk, new test
> for the perl framework, ... chocolate-chip cookies? 

Cookies are good :)  Seriously, I'll look, the patch is very easy to
follow, the possible side effects aren't so trivial.  (I post this as
one recently bitten by such side-effects, heh.)

> I may be missing something in the Apache procedure for submitting
> this. I would have expected someone to point it out to me since I 
> first submitted the bug report late March. 

Yes - we have a limited number of voulenteer committers.  The best
thing to do is to ping the list once every month or so if you want
to champion your patch.  Eventually, someone's cycles will free up.

There's a reason for that exclusion originally and that has to be
reviewed before we jump on it, but in principal I'd agree to consider
that patch.


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