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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: mod_dav hack
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 16:36:41 GMT
Fred Woods wrote:

> I've written an extension/hack for mod_dav.  I would like to know if it
> would be useful to others and how I might change it to be more portable?
> The hack hooks the code to store, copy, rename, and remove files.
> It creates a string representing the operation and the path elements,
> and writes the string to a unix domain socket.  The simple hook method
> was chosen so as to have as little affect on the apache web server as
> possible.
> The service I have listening on the unix domain socket is called davsync.
> It is a service that replicates the operations onto other servers and
> selectively checks some types of files into a configured version control
> system.
> To make it portable, I assume I all need to do is make the hook socket
> configurable in the httpd.conf file and handle other types of sockets?

   Sounds interesting ... can you put it up somewhere so others can
take a look?  (Hard to know in the abstract if those are the only
portability issues.)  It would be of interest to me if the "store" hook
could also invoke a "content validation" provider to, for example,
do XML validation against a schema before permitting the file to be


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