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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache 2.2.6, 2.0.61 and 1.3.39 release candidate tarballs for review
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2007 22:34:36 GMT
Jorge Schrauwen wrote:
> What exectly is not working in mod_perl? my limited mod_perl config is
> working fine.
> On 9/5/07, *Steffen* <
> <>> wrote:
>     Also mod_perl is not working here with Win32. No indication in the
>     logs.


I believe I know why mod_perl is not as verbose on Win32 (oh DUH moment)...

this is not a regression, but when we clip in the Event logger pipe we
actually plug the FD into the faux-posix/stdio FILE emulation API for
Win32.  With the error log, we never have (in the past).

I can certainly work up a fix so that stdin/out/err and faux-fd 0, 1, 2
behave as expected from APR when not using apr file io.

But this will also more tightly bind to a specific MSVC version, and those
binaries built across multiple MSVC versions (e.g. AS perl built on VC 6,
AS python built on VC 7.1, Apache+mods built with VS8) will be even more
likely to implode :)


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