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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject [patch] experimental UDP support in httpd-prefork/apr/apr-util trunk
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2007 10:18:45 GMT
After taking my own advice on Sunday, I reworked everything I'd done for
UDP support and focused on allowing the core I/O filters to work with
non-connected sockets.  I'm happy to report that I've come up with a
working prototype for prefork that doesn't require substantial amounts
of mucking with the MPM code.  It requires patches to APR (to add a
apr_socket_sendtov function, needed by the core output filter) and
APR-Util to support apr_socket_readfrom in socket buckets that aren't
connected).  Both of these patches would be useful in APR/APR-Util
regardles (although the APR patch still requires work for win32, beos
and netware - I suppose I'll tackle at least win32 [which I'm familiar
with] later today and we'll see about the others).  As such, I've added
these both to bugzilla to and, respectively.

To go through what I've done in the main patch (for those who want an
idea of what they're looking at):

* Export ap_alloc_listner and take socket type/protocol as arguments
* In core_create_conn, if the remote_addr of the socket can't be
detected from the socket, try to run recvfrom in PEEK mode to get the
peer address
* Core input filters run as-is (patch to apr-util does everything)
* Core output filter tries (in init) to see if socket is connected.  If
not, it turns of a new flag, connected, in ctx which is ultimately used
to decide whether to pass data to apr_socket_sendv or apr_socket_sendtov
* Additionally, disable SENDFILE for non-stream sockets
* Create ListenUDP config directive to create UDP listeners
* Alter all MPMs to only call lr->accept_func if it's defined
* In prefork, re-create the pollset in every iteration of child_main.
Hack the use of lr->active to add a flag (value 2) for in-use UDP sockets

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