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From "Shaw, Dan" <>
Subject Apache proxy engineering specs
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2007 00:43:45 GMT


I believe this would be a Development / Engineering question.


Thank you for your help and replies ahead of time.



1.	Does a apache proxy server create stateful or stateless
connection upon request? 

	a.	Specifically using BizTalk - Although no need to answer
with biztalk in mind just need answer 


2.	On the transport layer does the proxy server stream data or send
ACK back to originating request and then continue with sending request
from proxy to end server/point? 



Internet client C contacts server S. Server S is behind firewall and
client C access via apache proxy server P. Server S replies to client C


At the receipt layer with the ACK representing receipt of server S reply
come from C (client) or P (proxy server)


The concern is if P (proxy) sends the ACK there is a false
representation that S (server) will conclude the C (client) received the
packet and close the stateful connection



If the P (proxy) streams statefully without responding with ACK and
leaves connection open to allow S (Server) respond with ACK back to C



Daniel P. Shaw

Triad Financial

Pro-Tem Contractor

Ext: 25106

Ph: 714-799-5106

Start Date: 08-13-2007


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