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From Magnus Bodin <>
Subject Re: [PATCH 43415] Logging remote port.
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 08:30:16 GMT
On Tue, Sep 18, 2007 at 02:04:32PM +0200, Adam Hasselbalch Hansen wrote:
> ยง 5. A provider of electronic communication nets or services for end 
> users must register the following information about an internet 
> session's initiating and terminating package:
> 1. Originating Internet Protocol address
> 2. Recipient Internet Protocol address
> 3. Transport protocol
> 4. Originating port number
> 5. Recipient port number
> 6. Time of start and end of communication.
> >Looks harmless, and evidently adds value for you.
> Well, value, schmalue. But it's the law...

I live in Sweden, and I really, really hope we never see the same thing here. 
But the point: Why implement this in e.g. Apache, when it is the ISP
responsibility to store this information for all "internet-sessions" initiating
and terminating package.

This should be implemented in the firewall/router instead of on
application level.

A standalone sniffing box should be the best solution to this, I guess.
That does NOT store the content. 

This is insane.

-- magnus

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