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From rahul <Rahul.G.N...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Broken URI-unescaping
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2007 09:31:33 GMT
[Nick Kew:]
| PR#35256 (which I was on the point of entering anew when I
| found it).  The simple patch to 35256 fixes the specific
| instance of un-breaking AllowEncodedSlashes, but what proxy
| could use is to be able to generalise that: maybe
| AllowEncodedChars [whatever].
    Do you mean 
AllowEncodedChars On|Off
or more like
AllowEncodedChars "/=\"

I have been looking at that bug, and can update the patch for either
if required.

| There's a related class of issues concerning URLs and charset,
| in PR#18805 and PR#32730.  This could probably be hacked around
| by pre-processing URLs in a post_read_request hook, but it would
| seem cleaner to tackle it when we run ap_unescape_url.
| I wonder if there's a case for an unescape_url hook, or for the 
| existing unescape_url to be punted to a post_read_request function?

sorry for the late mail, my earlier mail got shot down by ezlm.

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