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From André Malo>
Subject Re: New module mod_proxy_scgi
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2007 08:44:23 GMT
* Graham Dumpleton wrote: 

> Rather than call it X-Sendfile, can we perhaps adopt the generic
> Script-Control header mechanism as outlined in CGI 1.2.

Sounds like an idea. I'd propose to support both then, though, because the 
X-Sendfile mechanism already exists out there and is used. I don't like 
people changing their applications just because we're too late ;)

> As one example of how Script-Control has been used, see:
> I have been contemplating using Script-Control headers as a means of
> Python WSGI applications controlling Apache when using mod_wsgi.
> It would be nice to push forward with such an idea and standardise on
> some Script-Control directives that everyone would use rather than
> using different strings for the same thing.

Thinking further about Paul's mail, script-control parsing and the 
possibility to hook into certain control directives (does that make sense?) 
could be something for the core utils.


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