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From "Ed S. Peschko" <>
Subject exists? apache debugging/tracing tool for config files.
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 05:08:56 GMT

I was wondering - is there a tracking/debugging tool that allows you to see exactly
what happens with an incoming URL? ie, output looking something like this:

	Parsing url... partial url '/cgi-bin/'
	Looking up Script alias: /cgi-bin =>  directory '/opt/tools/install/cgi-bin'
	Looking at directory directive: /opt/tools/install/cgi-bin
	Looking at Options: +Exec-CGI
	Looking at extension '.pl' => executing script.

I've looked around pretty much everywhere and haven't found anything
remotely like this.

But - given how many pitfalls there are in configuring apache, I would 
have thought that this would have been a pretty basic itch to scratch, 
so i'm hesitant to approach it further until I hear definitively that
something like this does not exist.

Anyways, if something like this does NOT exist, exactly what options do folks
have for debugging apache control files, apart from manually grepping through
the log files and embedding an apache configuration parser in your brain?

Thanks much,


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