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From "Phil Endecott" <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy: Is smax=0 allowed ?
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2007 16:36:45 GMT wrote:
> Seems like you are right about the smax=0.
> Luckily for you, according to the documentation you may control the persistency 
> of the backend connection with the environment variable proxy-nokeepalive

Well, I can use that to switch of persistency, i.e. I can get "smax=0 
ttl=0".  I don't think I can use that to get "smax=0 ttl=60", can I?

I'm going to have another look at the source, and see whether I can 
change the sentinel value for "smax not specified" from 0 to -1, so 
that 0 can really mean zero.  But since I have never looked at this 
code before it would be useful to get some input from someone who knows 
more about it first.  Is the mod_proxy code from trunk likely to work 
with my 2.2.4 system, or should I start with the 2.2.4 mod_proxy source?



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