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From "Phil Endecott" <>
Subject mod_proxy: Is smax=0 allowed ?
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 22:05:18 GMT
Dear Experts,

According to the mod_proxy docs, parameters to ProxyPass include:

   smax   max   Upto the Soft Maximum number of connections will be 
created on demand.
                Any connections above smax are subject to a time to live 
or ttl.

So, am I allowed to set smax=0 ?  In my case, I don't want any 
permanent connections to the backend server; when the site is being 
used connections should be created and can persist for a while and then 
time out.  So I tried "smax=0 ttl=60".  But I have not seen any 
connections being dropped.  So I looked at the source, and in 
proxy_util.c there is some code that does this:

if (worker->smax == 0 || worker->smax > worker->hmax) {
   worker->smax = worker->hmax;

So it looks like 0 is a sentinel for "no value specified", and the 
default of the hard maximum is applied in that case.  Is this a correct 
understanding of the code?  If so, is this the desired behaviour?  Is 
it possible to keep no permanent connections to the backend server?

Many thanks for any advice.



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