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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: auth dbd pgsql issues
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2007 03:33:28 GMT
Phil Endecott wrote:

> OK; my experience seems to be that in this respect 2.2.4 has regressed 
> compared to 2.2.3 (though I may have been lucky in some way with my 
> 2.2.3 setup) and certainly compared to 2.0.x + the 3rd-party 
> mod_auth_pgsql.  I don't know if this affects how the issue is 
> prioritised for inclusion in future versions.  I would love to see 
> working authn_dbd ASAP.

   We have mod_authn_dbd + mod_dbd working but we use the trunk
version of mod_dbd.c.  It's a drop-in replacement for 2.2.x's
mod_dbd.c; you can just copy it into 2.2.4 and recompile.  I'd recommend
trying that to see if it deals with your concerns; for example, it should
handle the original issue I think you had with putting DBD directives
into virtual hosts.

   If you still have problems, they may of course either be previously
unnoticed bugs in the driver or elsewhere.  But I'd suggest trying
trunk's mod_dbd.c as a first step.


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