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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject Re: Goodbye
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2007 16:35:38 GMT
Jim Jagielski wrote:
> Steffen wrote:
>> The admonishment not to use the feather or the "Apache" name resembles  the 
>> behavior of the very worst big-software corporations - and a  reminder that 
>> ASF is after all "... a corporation registered in  Delaware, United 
>> States..." - not a fellowship of web server  administrators, developers, and 
>> enthusiasts.  It is a sober reminder to  us all that caution is needed when 
>> dealing with Apache software as with  any other software, lest we forget 
>> that httpd has become "their product"  vs. "our web server".
> That is really unfair, I think... Notwithstanding the fact whether
> or not this issue could have been handled better, are you
> really suggesting that the ASF seeking to protect its name,
> reputation, brand and trademarks are somehow Not Good? The ASF
> and the user and developer community have worked long and hard
> in making the name Apache *mean something*. This reputation
> was hard yet well earned. The ASF exists to allow the projects
> to continue doing what they do, and doing it well, without having
> to worry about such troublesome but real world issues such as
> trademarks and things like that... The Apache brand carries a
> lot of weight and respect, and it would be a serious disservice
> to the users and developers to not protect that brand.
> No matter what you may be implying, the ASF does not control
> the Apache web server project (httpd) or any other project:
> the PMCs and the community do that. It is, and always will remain
> "our project" (our being the user and developer community).

I have to agree with Jim.  While I don't see why the PR PMC shouldn't
license you to use the feather and Apache name if you ask nicely, I do
agree that the right to demand that the use be requested and
specifically licensed is perfectly legit.  I do wish you'd reconsider
opening the Apache Lounge.

If you've really thought it through and are unwilling to re-open it
yourself, I'd like to help pick up the ball and continue to serve the
win32 community by opening another site to serve similar needs.  Your
help in that (just helping getting me get something started around where
you left off) would be invaluable.  I know this might be a touchy
subject - I don't want to mooch off of your previous success; I just
want to help the community.  Let me know.


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