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From "Jorge Schrauwen" <>
Subject Re: (ApacheMon & ApacheMobile) - Questions sparked by the ApacheLounge fuss
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 14:00:51 GMT
Mail but not reply yet but I'm in the process of renaming
all the stuff,
If they don't agree with the new name I'll do it again. But I have a few

--- readme.txt extract ---
What is it?
HTTP Server On USB is a self contained webserver.
Based on Apache HTTPD Server. It comes with php, mod_ssl, mod_perl and
Simply drop your files into wwwroot, then your good to go!

--- end extract ---

I'd like to add an additional note to this but I'm unsure in how to phrase
What I want to say is:
That I take the source tarball's that are posted e.g. (only official release no T&R, svn etc).

I'd also like to knew if I need to add an additional disclaimer that I don't
offer any warranties if somehow (unlikely) manage to cost a company huge
sums of money and they want to sue me.

I presume that since I compiled the code itself they can't point the finger
at the ASF so will come looking for me. (since my of my personal info is on
my CV on my site they'll find me in seconds).

Thanks for you time


On 8/24/07, Lars Eilebrecht <> wrote:
> According to Jorge:
> > Should I change these names to other things too to be safe? If so any
> ideas?
> > I can see ApacheMobile being something like ServerOnAStick or something.
> But
> > if I need to change them I have no idea what to call ApacheMon.
> >
> > Any comments on this are welcome.
> This FAQ entry may answer your question:
> But you ask the public relations committee for permission
> (
> ciao...
> --
> Lars Eilebrecht


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