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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Apachelounge problems
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2007 17:44:02 GMT
Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 19, 2007 at 12:16:03PM -0400, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> > Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
> > > Like I said, as long as ApacheLounge makes clear that the versions it
> > > carries are not ASF releases, it's certainly permitted by the license
> > > and not the least bit out of the ordinary. 
> > 
> > That's the point, isn't it??
> Yes! And I think they should make it more clear :-) But I don't think we
> should be requesting them not to make RC tarballs or arbitrary checkouts
> from svn available, that's their choice. I think it's a bad idea for
> them, but ultimately their own problem. On principle I think it's wrong
> for us to request them not to - it's at odds with the OSI definition of
> open-source for one thing.

As long as they don't call it Apache 2.2.5 or mislead people
into thinking it is, I tend to agree. I think the point is that
there are people out there right now running what they think
is Apache 2.2.5 when, in fact, there is no such thing...

   Jim Jagielski   [|]   [|]
	    "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."

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