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Subject Re: Completely transform a request
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2007 12:17:43 GMT
It is, in fact, possible to do what you are trying to do but before
anyone tells you how, in public, do you mind expaining, in public,
what the heck you are actually trying to do here?
What's in the posted body and why does it need to become
the "secret (encrypted) request"?
In a message dated 7/28/2007 8:52:38 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

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Hi group,

Sorry to bother here, but I didn't get any reply from modules-dev, so this 
might be a slightly more
complicated issue. If anyone would like to help with this off-list, that 
would be great to avoid
pestering here :)

My connection-level input filter needs to replace a request with another 
request. This "another
request" is contained, in encrypted form, in the BODY of the POST request I'm 
going to replace. It's
a 100% transformation.

I'm using the ap_get_brigade() in a loop approach.

I've been able to use ap_save_brigade, and move all the request's bucket 
brigades to a ctx bucket
brigade, and use the last bucket-brigade of the request as starting point to 
insert the decrypted

The problem is, Apache expects request headers in it's own bucket, and it's 
own bucket

So, I can use that last bucket brigade to insert the first line of an HTTP 
request, but I
can't add headers. I even get the 'error while reading headers" error.

So, I've thought I'd just use that bucket brigade to insert the first line of 
request (GET /blabla
HTTP/1.1\r\n), and "then", append mode bucket brigades. But HOW to actually 
do this is eluding me.

Any ideas or different approaches to this problem?

The source for the function can be obtained from:

It's a ripoff from the whole module, so it's easier to read.


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