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From Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman <>
Subject Re: Completely transform a request
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2007 12:45:46 GMT
Hash: SHA512 wrote:
> People can get kinda short and blunt over here but be advised that the
> only bad discussion about technology is not having one at all and,
> in general, the "constructive criticism" is all well-intentioned.

Well, then we might just have to continue discussing this technology. I'd repost my original
question, and I kindly ask everyone just to forget all the OpenPGP stuff.

I want to Completely Transform a Request. 100% transformation.

Based on a certain logic, If an incoming request matches one of my action triggers, then I
want to
apply a transformation to the 100% of the incoming request. I know I can do that when I just
want to
modify brigade-by-brigade. But I need to read the WHOLE request before doing so. Even the
line. Even the headers. Even the body. All of it. Then, completely transform that into another
request, and have Apache process it.

With the current input filtering framework, at the connection level, I should be able to do
it. But
I can't.

If you NEED an example of what I'd like to transform, and into WHAT i want to transform it,
see this

What I'd like to transform:

Into WHAT I want to transform it: a completely different request (i.e different method line,
different headers and different body, and I can't do that in stages, I have to read the whole
request first).


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