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From Dmitry Butskoy <>
Subject Re: mod_auth_ntlm_winbind needs hosting
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 13:24:08 GMT
Dmitry Butskoy wrote:
> There is a module, "mod_auth_ntlm_winbind", which allows to 
> authenticate users against a Windows domain using "NTLM" and 
> "Negotiate" authentication mechanisms. The module uses a way, 
> recommended by the Samba team -- it utilizes a special helper program 
> "ntlm_auth", which interacts with Samba's "winbind" daemon. (This way 
> Squid does ntlm already).
> For historical reasons, this module still lives in Samba's CVS (see 

> ) and has no any normal "upstream". This does not mean that the module 
> is unstable -- it is successfully used long time. Recently it was 
> included into Debian and Fedora (I maintain it in Fedora, see 

> )

> Moreover, because of its current location, this module lacks good 
> skilled httpd developers. There can be a lot of things to fix or to 
> improve on it.
> Could anyone look on it carefully?

Is some progress on it possible in near future?

What I need exactly now is to check the code itself by httpd folk. (The 
decision where it should be hosted can be delayed...)

Dmitry Butskoy

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