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From jean-frederic clere <>
Subject httpd returns 500 when a route does not belong to the balancer.
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 11:37:07 GMT

I would like to fix a problem in mod_proxy_balancer when the 
configuration is something like:
   <Location /myapp>
     ProxyPass balancer://mycluster/myapp 
stickysession=JESSSIONID|jsessionid nofailover=On

   <Location /titi>
     ProxyPass balancer://mytiti/titi 
stickysession=JESSSIONID|jsessionid nofailover=On

   <Proxy balancer://mytiti>
     BalancerMember ajp://jfcpc:8009 smax=10 timeout=10 route=test2
   <Proxy balancer://mycluster>
     BalancerMember ajp://neo:8009 smax=10 timeout=10 route=toto
When jumping from /myapp with a JSESSIONID=id.test2 to /titi httpd 
returns 500 but it should have ignored the route test2 because it 
doesn't belong to any of the members of the balancer corresponding to 
the location.

Find attached a patch to fix the problem.




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