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From Chris Haumesser>
Subject mod_mbox attachment handling
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2007 22:15:25 GMT

I'm trying to help a client improve its list archives.  They've been using 
mailman with pipermail for many years, and pipermail is problematic in many 

We like the look and feel of mod_mbox, and would like to deploy it.  However, 
it doesn't seem to handle common attachments correctly (as of svn rev 

Here's an example from an apache list (check the jpeg attachment):

In my testing, I've had similar results with jpg, png, gif, and pdf files.  
mod_mbox seems to recognize the mime parts/types, but doesn't actually serve 
up the attachment properly.  Text/plain and text/html seem to be ok.

The only relevant info I've found in Googling is the following from a couple 
of summers ago -

mod_mbox has now a brand new and complete MIME parser. The attachment 
downloading is still to be implemented, but it's really no big deal 
considering the data structures generated by the mbox_mime_decode_multipart() 

Is the above still an accurate statement of attachment handling status in 
mod_mbox?  If so, does anyone know what it would take to add this 
functionality?  Anyone interested in helping us for a modest bounty?

If adding the needed attachment handling is impractical, does anyone have 
alternative list archival solutions (aside from the usual suspects - 
pipermail, mhonarc, lurker).  



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