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From "Phil Endecott" <>
Subject PostgreSQL authentication in 2.2; caching?
Date Sun, 08 Jul 2007 13:58:57 GMT
Dear Experts,

A few days ago I posted a question with this subject on the users 
lists, but have got no replies:

The summary is:

- Currently I'm using 2.0 with a 3rd-party mod_auth_pgsql.
- In 2.2 I would presumably use the core DB-backed auth framework.
- As far as I am aware, the core DB-backed auth modules don't implement 
caching of credentials.  The 2.0 mod_auth_pgsql that I'm currently 
using does have this, and it's essential for my application.
- There is a mod_authn_cache at but it looks a 
bit abandoned; does anyone know anything about it?
- Ideally I would also want the cache to be flushed when the database 
is changed; this could be done using PostgreSQL's asynchronous 
notification feature.  I imagine that I would have to do this myself.  
I mentioned this here ages ago when I first considered moving to 2.2:
If anyone would be interested in helping me implement this I would love 
to hear from them.

Any thoughts anyone?



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