I have an API written in c++ which communicates with Apache to give access to resources. The problem faced is, if i configure a rewrite rule such that

 http://mohsaswks36358.clearcase.com:4444/ows/printenv is an alias of http://mohsaswks36358.clearcase.com:4444/cgi-bin/printenv.pl?map=public.map  

 When we append a query string while accessing the alias i.e.  http://mohsaswks36358.clearcase.com:4444/ows/printenv?xyz=abc then apache without my API into picture shows the query string as "map=public.map&xyz=abc" (expected) but when my API comes into picture it shows the query string as

"xyz=abc" the original query  "map=public.map" is lost.


while debugging i found out that in the webfiltercontext when value of query string is pulled from apache it only gets   xyz=abc as query parameter . But if i acess http://mohsaswks36358.clearcase.com:4444/ows/printenv my API pulls the original query" map=public.map". Could you please suggest me a sample method by which I will be able to pull up the original as well the later added query .


Thank you in advance