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From Ruediger Pluem <>
Subject Re: ProxyTimeout does not work as documented
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2007 15:40:34 GMT

On 05/21/2007 02:44 PM, Jim Jagielski wrote:

> The logic should be:
>    1. If a per-worker value is set, use that.
>    2. If not, then if a ProxyTimeout value is set, use that.
>    3. Otherwise, use Timeout
> +1 on fixing that :)

Digging somewhat deeper to actually do this I found the following
obstacle (hopefully I am wrong):

1. The right place to fix this is in ap_proxy_connect_backend
  (around line 2215 in proxy_util.c).

2. We do not have a proxy_server_conf parameter in ap_proxy_connect_backend
   like in ap_proxy_connect_to_backend.

3. ap_proxy_connect_backend is part of a public API (mod_proxy.h).

4. Fixing the prototype of ap_proxy_connect_backend to add a proxy_server_conf
   parameter thus requires a major bump. Thus this would not be backportable :-(.

I am not quite sure if we can do

    void *sconf = s->module_config;
    proxy_server_conf *conf = (proxy_server_conf *)
        ap_get_module_config(sconf, &proxy_module);

to get the proxy_server_conf in ap_proxy_connect_backend as we are calling
ap_proxy_connect_backend from mod_proxy_ajp / mod_proxy_http and so the symbol
proxy_module might not be present there.
At the very least it looks like an uncool way of obtaining the proxy_server_conf




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