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From "Jorge Schrauwen" <>
Subject Re: [Slightly OT] Re: httpd x64 windows binaries
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2007 08:36:53 GMT
On 6/18/07, William A. Rowe, Jr. <> wrote:
> Jorge Schrauwen wrote:
> >>
> >> One major issue is;
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> where MS's response was entirely unsatisfactory w.r.t. POSIX compliance.
> >>
> > Does MS ever follow standards? I know most programs don't compile in
> > 64-bit while there is no obvious reason it shouldn't. USE_32BIT_TIME_T
> > usually fixes that... that link you gave me seems to explain why :)
> Of course we toggle that for 32 bit builds; trouble is - for a 64 bit build
> we really don't want to use a tiny-time_t, true?
> But maybe that is the answer, for now :-/
Yes its far from ideal but I compile a few packages for personally
usage in x64 aside from httpd binaries. All need the USE_32BIT_TIME_T

Lets not get started on compiling from CLI and getting machine type =
x64 compiler isn't mismatches and the other way around :( the only
solid way to compile x64 or x86 for that matter is using the IDE the
CLI methode is basically broke or crippled.
(starting the vs envirement from cmd.exe located in SysWow64 seem to
work though)

> > Are there any others that convalent? I don't mind linking to just one
> > but it would seem unfair to just provided one when there are possibly
> > more.
> Agreed; is anyone aware of other commercial companies offering supported
> Apache httpd Win32 packages?

For now it is still Convalent only... the others mentioned to my
knowledge provide support only.

On 6/18/07, William A. Rowe, Jr. <> wrote:
> Nick Kew wrote:
> > Apart from covalent, I'd make ApacheLounge the #1 external link.
> > I don't know if he offers commercial support, but I suspect
> > he does.  He certainly has a lively Apache/Windows community
> > and offers free downloads of Windows binaries of Apache itself
> > and popular third-party modules.
> I think you lost the context; we are trying to point out where one
> can find 'commercial warranties' - we weren't focused on where you
> can get more unsupported binaries.  E.g. there's an AL clause that
> says 'NO WARRANTY' and Jorge is worried about people who just read
> past that and later come back to him.  It's one small slice of the
> community which 'needs a warranty' that he was trying to address.

Yes, I'm not looking to link to community sites or other unofficial binaries.
But to placed where people can get commercial warranties and such.

I somewhat actively answer questions on the forum mostly relates to
the x64 binaries.
There is also a section there specificly for x64 where I have moderator powers.

Lost time I checked Stefen didn't provide warranties only limited
payed support via skype.
support NEQ warranties but I'll contact hem when I'm updating the page
to see if he does provide them. Can't hurt to check.

On 6/18/07, Lee Fisher <> wrote:
> > Agreed; is anyone aware of other commercial companies offering supported
> > Apache httpd Win32 packages?
> >
> DeveloperSide.NET's WAMP, perhaps?
> <>
Again like the ApacheLounge he provides support and not warranties.
I use to provide answers on the forums too but it as vastly expanded
beyond apache alone,
now he also provides support for php, mysql, phpmyadmin,...


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