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From "Allen Pulsifer" <>
Subject RE: Balasan: Re: Apache configuration (throughput of connection)
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 10:00:36 GMT
Apache already gives priority to the clients with the fastest connection.
To user stand why this is so, you need to understand how TCP/IP flow control
works and how that interacts with the send(), recv() and select() system
calls, and with the network send and receive buffers on the server and the
clients.  That is not something I'm going to explain though--you might be
able to find that information on the www or in a networking textbook.

Do you have any reason to believe the "priority" of serving clients is an
issue?  If so, I assume you have a testbed of some kind?  Please describe
your setup and what kind of performance you are experiencing.  What is the
bottleneck?  Outgoing network bandwidth?  The clients' individual and
collective bandwidth?  The internet?  Server CPU?  Server disk throughput?
In your setup, is Apache spending resources on slow clients that it could
reallocate to faster clients?  If so, what is the resource you believe could
be reallocated?  How do you propose to reallocate this resource and how will
that lead to higher performance?

In terms of measuring client throughput, if certain clients in your testbed
have faster connections, you could start by figuring out their IP addresses,
hack Apache to give those IP addresses higher priority, and see if that has
any effect on performance.

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> Subject: Balasan: Re: Apache configuration (throughput of connection)
> OK, I want to clear my question:
> I have a task to improve apache performance by giving the 
> priority to client that has the fastest connection first. I 
> still don't know how the apache know the information of each 
> client's throughput so that it can does the policy (giving 
> the priority to the client that has the fastest connection first).
> Please give some advice. I use Linux as the operating 
> system.. Thank you very much
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