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From Brian McCallister <>
Subject Re: [mod_wombat] Feature state
Date Wed, 02 May 2007 17:03:38 GMT

On May 1, 2007, at 1:49 AM, Jan Sch├╝tze wrote:

> *Base Dir & Safemode*
> Do we got something like this(e.g. like in php), yet?

If by Base Dir you mean a base path for relative paths in  
configuration, it's done. If you man something else, I don't know  
what you mean.

Safe mode: only what is built into Lua

> *complex & simple post/get vars*
> Already tested it on the old svn, so I expect it to work still.

Umh. What are complex and simple post/get vars? If you mean parsing  
of form encoded post data and CGI's standard uri params, that is  
still there via libapreq2. I epxect libapreq2 to become optional in  
mod_wombat at some unspecified date in the future (prior to a stable  
release) in which case you could use Kepler's parsing magic as an  

> *Dis(/En)able loading of .dll/.so*
> It should be possible to disable loading such files from the  
> scripts directory, because it would (/can) allow execution of  
> functions, which aren't exported by the default lua-libraries.

Nothing is built into mod_wombat for this and I don't foresee adding  
it anytime soon as right now loading lua's bas elibraries requires  
loading shared libraries. We could try to set up the lua vm to do  
some magic to only allow loading certain ones, but I fear that is a  
slippery slope. The better approach is probably to limit the load  
paths in Lua (which it does by default, really well), rather than  
trying to do something in wombat specifically.

> *Inline Error Display*
> Last time while talking with Brian , we noticed that its really  
> easy to write a "error handler" in mod_wombat. But one thing I was  
> only able to see in log are the syntax parse errors.
> Is there something like an inline-display implemented, yet?

This has not yet been implemented, though it is a planned feature (in  
my book).

> *short tags*
> Am not sure if we talked about this yet, but do we have <?lua ?> or  
> <% %> tags?
> Though the module follows a handler-style (not executing whole  
> script, just calling a handler function), this feature may not be  
> implemented, but since its common on most web-scripting languages,  
> I ask about its state.

I have no plans to implement a template system as part of mod_wombat.  
I know Kepler has one, and it should work fine with mod_wombat.


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