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From Andy Wang <>
Subject client timeout behavior.
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 18:42:29 GMT
We noticed that with mod_proxy_ajp, it's not possible to set an
indefinite timeout like was possible with mod_jk.  So a long running JSP
page, for example:
<% Thread.sleep(960000); %>

With mod_proxy_ajp timeout set to 300 will cause a 503 to be thrown back
to the client since mod_proxy_ajp's timeout gets triggered.

Two questions
1) Is there a way to force an indefinite timeout for mod_proxy_ajp like
mod_jk has?  With mod_jk, if the worker's timeout was set to 0 it will
wait indefinitely
2) how is it that the client doesn't time out?  My firefox client has
network.http.keep-alive.timeout set to 300.  Wireshark doesn't show any
keepalive traffic sent back and forth between apache and the client in
between the request and the 503 response.   I'm probably reading this
wrong, but according to the KeepAliveTimeout documentation:

"The number of seconds Apache will wait for a subsequent request before
closing the connection. Once a request has been received, the timeout
value specified by the |Timeout
<>| directive

In my request to the Thread.sleep JSP page, the request was already
made.  Shouldn't the standard Timeout (300s in my case) apply and
disconnect the client?


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