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From Jan Sch├╝tze <>
Subject [mod_wombat] Feature state
Date Tue, 01 May 2007 08:49:50 GMT

just wanted to get an overview about the state of the mod_wombat module.

*Base Dir & Safemode*
Do we got something like this(e.g. like in php), yet?

*complex & simple post/get vars*
Already tested it on the old svn, so I expect it to work still.

*Dis(/En)able loading of .dll/.so*
It should be possible to disable loading such files from the scripts 
directory, because it would (/can) allow execution of functions, which 
aren't exported by the default lua-libraries.

*Inline Error Display*
Last time while talking with Brian , we noticed that its really easy to 
write a "error handler" in mod_wombat. But one thing I was only able to 
see in log are the syntax parse errors.
Is there something like an inline-display implemented, yet?

*short tags*
Am not sure if we talked about this yet, but do we have <?lua ?> or <% 
%> tags?
Though the module follows a handler-style (not executing whole script, 
just calling a handler function), this feature may not be implemented, 
but since its common on most web-scripting languages, I ask about its state.

- Jan


 Kind regards,

  Jan (DracoBlue)

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