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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject RE: SSL-enabled interaction with MySQL
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 11:51:04 GMT
Hi Naveen,
>>> My communication from my module, is database specific (my MySQL is
>>> already
>>> SSL-enabled). So is it only up to the MySQL SSL-specific C API to
>>> provide
>>> SSL (I tried using mysql_ssl_set() with no success) or there has
>>> more to be
>>> done at my module's code end?
>>I have no experience coding against the MySQL client C API, but I
>>guess that this is where the magic happens in your case.  I assume
>>your client libraries are SSL-enabled?

> MySQL C has the APIs but the problem is that they are not working from
> within a module. What APIs are available there for a module to talk SSL?
from what it looks here:
it should be sufficient if you do a call to mysql_ssl_set() before calling mysql_real_connect()
- provided your client lib is compiled with OpenSSL support...; its my understanding that
then a SSL connection is established instead of a normal one, and after that all other API
calls work as usual since they rely only on the connection handle...

also you might take a look into the php_mysqli sources; there I see also SSL support, and
a call to mysql_ssl_set().

HTH, Guenter.

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