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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: mod_ftp, status and progress?
Date Sat, 28 Apr 2007 17:34:14 GMT

On Apr 27, 2007, at 5:18 PM, Niklas Edmundsson wrote:

> On Fri, 27 Apr 2007, Jim Jagielski wrote:
>>>>>> I'm actually looking at removing the whole glob stuff
>>>>>> and emulating it as regexes...
>>>>> Wouldn't apr_match_glob() be a better starting point? I don't  
>>>>> really see the point of going via regexes...
>>>> I was thinking for 2.0.x compatibility...
>>> Wouldn't it be better to focus on 2.2.x and onwards? OK, there's  
>>> a lot of people still running 1.3 and 2.0, but that doesn't mean  
>>> that we have to make it run on all of them...
>> Why? Really, it's no big deal to ensure it runs on both.
> I'm not against keeping compatibility. However I feel that the  
> right way to do it would be to design stuff for current httpd and  
> then add glue for the backward compat stuff (and not doing it the  
> #ifdef-mess-way).
> So, going for regexes just because apr_match_glob() doesn't exist  
> in 2.0.x seems a bit sub-optimal...

The idea was either to "redo" ftp_glob via regexes or
simply use apr_fnmatch... The emulate was to allow for
"extensions" to simple globing, which could make
the FTP module more useful, but, of course, client
support would be lacking. But really, again, I repeat that
it's no big deal to ensure it runs on both. Even if
we simply just create ftp_match_glob() from apr_match_glob().

And, fwiw, mod_ftp was originally written *for* 2.0.x, not
2.2.x. So most of the work had been in getting it
to work with the "current" httpd.

But if anyone does anything to prevent mod_ftp from
building on 2.0.x, expect a big -1.

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