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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Releases around ApacheCon EU?
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2007 00:02:29 GMT
Sander Temme wrote:
> Community,
> As ApacheCon draws near, perhaps we should plan some httpd releases
> during the week?  Between beer and bitterballen there must be time to
> bat some patches around(1).  Going in with the intention of, say, a T&R
> on Wednesday after the Tuesday Hackathon should get us in the right
> frame of mind to get something out by the end of the week.
> I'd like to try my hand at the T&R process so if no one objects I
> volunteer to play RM.

+ 1!

> --> 1.3.x, any patches that justify a release?

Dunno - will look, a bit of low hanging fruit that should be easy to get
committed.  Bugfix only stuff.

> --> 2.0.x There are some backports in need of votes.  There seems to be
> only one patch to APR 0.9.x since the last release, do we need one?

Yes, must have an APR - two new bugs.  One is that Jeff's patch many moons
ago to change pipe log processes to command processors had broken win32 in
service mode (we've chattered about this, I'm working on a fix within apr
instead of within httpd), and second the fix already in apr 0.9 branch
which solves client ip resolution with acceptex.

> --> 2.2.x IIRC the initial intent was to roll 2.2.5 fairly quickly after
> 2.2.4, but that never happened.  Many changes to APR 1.2.x, we'll likely
> need a new release of that.



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