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From Stuart Children <>
Subject Re: ProxyErrorOverride and redirects (PR 39245)
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2007 13:35:03 GMT

Plüm wrote:
> I guess what Nick is talking about is the body of a redirect response.
> A redirect response is often accompanied by a small HTML page that also
> contains the redirect target as a hyperlink in the case that your client
> does not understand the Location header. While ProxyPassReverse takes care
> of adjusting the Location header nobody takes care of adjusting the HTML
> body of the response with the wrong link. This could be fixed by an ErrorDocument
> for 30x response codes. IMHO only in a static matter.

OK, that makes sense - I can see a usage for that. Though if that was 
what I was trying to achieve, I still wouldn't want it removing all my 
other headers (which is what happens as a result of going through the 
ErrorDocument processing) - so ProxyErrorOverride/ErrorDocument still 
seems like the wrong tool for the job. A module with an output filter 
that modifies the URLs within the body for redirect responses would be a 
better option (maybe as part of mod_prox_http).


Stuart Children
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