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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: Bug 41897 / Session-Stickiness with mod_proxy_balancer
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 13:38:59 GMT
Plüm wrote:
>> Yes, although MAX_ENTRIES would be 3 for now
>> (cookie, path and env)
> But this means that we break the ABI here. If struct proxy_balancer is part
> of a public API (I am not sure about this) this would require a major bump
> and would prevent backporting.

The other solution is to keep that in balancer->sticky
separated by / (think %2f is unacceptable char anyhow)
and do a strtok inside find_session_route.

That way one could have N session cookie/path identifiers.
stickysession=JSESSIONID stickysession=;jsessionid

would have in balancer->sticky="JSESSIONID/;jsessionid"

inside find_session route do a strtok and iterate
until null or cookie|path found.

> But r->subprocess_env is a table and apr_table_get is never case sensitive.

The case sensitivity was just an idea as well as env.
If you guys think it's not needed fine with me.


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