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From Georg von Zezschwitz <>
Subject Bug 41897 / Session-Stickiness with mod_proxy_balancer
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 11:50:47 GMT

As I (with RĂ¼digers help :-) ) found out, there is already a bug report 
to my problem:
#41897 describes the problem that the case-sensitivity of the 
does not comply to the  Java Servlet Spec (Cookie: "JSESSIONID", url 
based session
management ";jsessionid").

To solve this problem in a backward compatible way, I'd like to suggest 
the following
solution before writing a patch:

Add two parameters "stickysessionpath" and "stickysessioncookie".
"stickysessionpath" sets the session name for URL based session 
management and might
be something like ";jsessionid". "stickysessioncookie" sets the session 
name for Cookie based
session management.

"stickysession" should set the session name for both parameters.

- It does solve the problem
- One can explicitly choose to use *only* one of the two algorithms.
- Currently, only the sequence "<session name>=" is searched. However, 
in Java
  environments, a ";jsessionid=" would be more precise...

An alternative would be to have an option to search the session name 

Could I get "votes" if my approach / an according patch is acceptable?

Best regards,


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