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From Henrik Nordstrom <>
Subject Re: mod_ftp "named virtual hosts"?
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 21:29:52 GMT
ons 2007-04-11 klockan 10:46 -0500 skrev William A. Rowe, Jr.:

> Firefox is fine with...
> ftp://me@myhost:pass@myhost/
> but it's odd enough I wouldn't trust that to be consistently supported,
> and you raise a good point with proxy/firewalls.

The above isn't a correctly formed URL. MUST be (RFC wise)


which resolves the ambiguity, but is perhaps even less intelligible to
the user.

> So if, for example, the admin wanted to define & as the alternative
> separator, ftp://me&myhost:pass@myhost/ would be a little less ambiguous
> to browser-style schemas.

Sounds reasonable. Except that it's quite impractical to use in HTML
coding and very many applications (and users) rendering data into HTML
will get it wrong..

Note: how most browser user agents implements the ftp:// URI scheme in
general is quite far outside the standards, so it's not easy to know
what will happen when trying something other than plain anonymous ftp
with non-problematic characters, or even file paths..


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