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From "Fabiano Sidler" <>
Subject Re: Several questions about writing modules
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2007 02:32:13 GMT
Thank you for your immediate answers!

2007/3/3, Nick Kew <>:
> > What about pointers in the module_config struct? (How) does the httpd
> > guarantee the proper deallocation of referenced memory? Do I have to
> > register a dealloc function with each of my module_config structs?
> Nope.

But how does the httpd guarantee that memory referenced to by members
of the module_config structs is properly deallocated? All httpd knows
about a module_config struct is its size, but not its members which
is, in my view, required to safely free the memory pointed to by these
member pointers before in turn to free the pointers themselfes? I
don't get the clue...

> For the brief answers to the above, see

Oh thanks, I missed that one!

> For the full answer, see the book referenced in my .sig.

I really like your book!
But apparently, for now I still need some more compact yet complete reference.

Thank you for answering,

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