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From Robin-David Hammond <>
Subject Apache 2.2.4 on solaris8 with gcc
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 13:51:39 GMT

I am attempting to build version 2.2.4 on solaris8. I am not wholy sure 
what is breaking but it appears my primary symptom is :

/usr/local/src/httpd/2.2.4/srclib/apr/libtool --silent --mode=link 
/opt/gcc/3.4.6/3.4.6_SunOS_sun4u/bin/gcc -pthreads  -I/usr/local/include 
-L/usr/local/lib -R/usr/local/lib    -o -rpath 
/opt/httpd/2.2.4/modules -module -avoid-version  mod_ssl.lo 
ssl_engine_config.lo ssl_engine_dh.lo ssl_engine_init.lo ssl_engine_io.lo 
ssl_engine_kernel.lo ssl_engine_log.lo ssl_engine_mutex.lo 
ssl_engine_pphrase.lo ssl_engine_rand.lo ssl_engine_vars.lo ssl_expr.lo 
ssl_expr_eval.lo ssl_expr_parse.lo ssl_expr_scan.lo ssl_scache.lo 
ssl_scache_dbm.lo ssl_scache_shmcb.lo ssl_scache_dc.lo ssl_util.lo 
ssl_util_ssl.lo  -lssl -lcrypto -L/opt/openssl/0.9.8d/lib -lsocket -lnsl 
-ldl -export-symbols-regex 
ssl_module/usr/local/src/httpd/2.2.4/srclib/apr/libtool: eval: line 4160: 
syntax error near unexpected token `|'
/usr/local/src/httpd/2.2.4/srclib/apr/libtool: eval: line 4160: `nm 
.libs/mod_ssl.o .libs/ssl_engine_config.o .libs/ssl_engine_dh.o 
.libs/ssl_engine_init.o .libs/ssl_engine_io.o .libs/ssl_engine_kernel.o 
.libs/ssl_engine_log.o .libs/ssl_engine_mutex.o .libs/ssl_engine_pphrase.o 
.libs/ssl_engine_rand.o .libs/ssl_engine_vars.o .libs/ssl_expr.o 
.libs/ssl_expr_eval.o .libs/ssl_expr_parse.o .libs/ssl_expr_scan.o 
.libs/ssl_scache.o .libs/ssl_scache_dbm.o .libs/ssl_scache_shmcb.o 
.libs/ssl_scache_dc.o .libs/ssl_util.o .libs/ssl_util_ssl.o  |  | 
/usr/local/src/sed/nbsed/sed-4.1.5/sed/sed 's/.* //' | sort | uniq > 

Note the two pipes on the 3rd to last time separated only by 2 spaces, 
this is because $global_symbol_pipe is maldefined. Unfortueately my m4 
skills are not as honed as they should be.

(oh yeah nbsed, the netbsd sed. We tried gsed, same thing happened)

lt_cv_sys_global_symbol_pipe seems defined accoring to


so is

lt_lt_cv_sys_global_symbol_pipe also defined as

lt_lt_cv_sys_global_symbol_pipe='"sed -n -e '\''s/^.*[ 
]\\([BDRT][BDRT]*\\)[   ][      ]*\\([_A-Za-z][_A-Za-z0-9]*\\)\$/\\1 \\2 

(pardon my line breaks)

I am not sure what is done with configs and dumps traditionaly 
attach/link, please advise.

Robin-David Hammond  KB3IEN
50 West 17th Street
Ninth Floor
New York, NY 10011
+1 212 479.1700 x 1729

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