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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: mod_ftp, status and progress?
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2007 20:10:57 GMT
Niklas Edmundsson wrote:
> * Play well with mod_cache, if a file has been requested with HTTP a
>   FTP request should reuse the cached copy. Last time I checked
>   mod_ftp only did subrequests which mod_cache didn't act on.

In terms of  using 'top level' requests in lieu of subrequests, it's
not low hanging fruit but definitely worth the refactoring.  Doing this
against httpd trunk/ will show up the API's that httpd is missing for
providers of resource-based servers such as ftp.

> * Only anonyomous read-only-access is required. I think this is
>   working today.

it works

> * Download-related items like file listings, continuation, etc MUST
>   work.

they work afaik, the Server: 8L hack makes things more interoperable.

> * Both passive and active mode MUST work. I think there was some
>   issues causing it to always use in passive mode last time I
>   checked.

fixed afaik, unless you are on win2000 and didn't DisableWin32AcceptEx
in 2.2.4 release (apr 1.2.8).  The fix is in trunk and will percolate
out as apr 1.2.9 (or later) with 2.2.5.

> * Large file support MUST work (we serve DVD images). Last time I
>   checked there was a whole slew of LFS issues with the mod_ftp
>   globbing code which was simply broken since it didn't use the information
>   gathered by configure and didn't use APR - it should be ripped out
>   and replaced with APR stuff instead IMHO. It makes no sense to keep
>   that mess just o keep httpd 2.0 compatibility...

Patches welcome, yes this needs some refactoring.

> * IPv6 MUST work. I think this is being addressed.

I'd fixed the traditional interfaces (PORT/PASV) but we need to hack
together EPRT/EPSV support, yet.

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