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From Frank <>
Subject Re: sed filter module
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 09:07:49 GMT
Just wanted to add my two cents worth...

We are using mod_line_edit a lot and would like to see a similar 
functionality coming with Apache by default. :-)

When I am correct mod_line_edit has the 'wrong' license model for being 
included into Apache by default.

Just for your infomation: There are more modules having a similar 
functionality: (given by (VERY old)

All modules are missing a feature we would like to see: Like in 
mod_rewrite's RewriteMap it would be cool to specify a function being 
called on the argument while replacing. E.g.:

RewriteBodyLine 'http://(.*?)/(.*)/(.*)' 

... as I told before: Just my $.2

P.S.: And I vote for a better name like 'mod_filter_pcre' ...

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