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From Andy Wang <>
Subject Re: util_ldap.c use of hardcoded sizelimit on ldap_search_ext_s causing error
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 22:03:46 GMT
Brad Nicholes wrote:
> Maybe I missed this before, but what platform or LDAP SDK does this fail on?  The Novell
LDAP SDK obviously supports LDAP_DEFAULT_SIZELIMIT (-1) and according to the OpenLDAP source
code, it also supports the same functionality if the value of sizelimit is -1 even though
it does not specifically define LDAP_DEFAULT_SIZELIMIT.  I don't know what the Netscape or
Microsoft SDKs support other than the fact that we have been passing those SDKs the same -1
value without a problem.  I believe that the only reason why we see the hardcoded -1 rather
than a #define is simply because not all of the SDKs provide a #define yet they all seems
to support the functionality.  We just need to validate that theory.
> Brad
Microsoft's LDAP SDK has problems with -1.  The MS SDK uses an unsigned 
int, so we get 2^32-1 for the size limit which is out of spec per the 
RFC and openldap 2.2.x doesn't like it.

I've never checked to see if the MS LDAP SDK has a LDAP_NO_LIMIT or 
LDAP_DEFAULT_LIMIT define, so if it doesn't, perhaps someone wants to 
merge my patch in to this one.


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