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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: ReCap: 2.2.4 windows binary w/ssl?
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2007 23:56:24 GMT
> set OPENSSL_CONF="C:\Program Files\Apache Software
> Foundation\Apache2.2\conf\openssl.cnf", I get the error message "Unable
> to load config info from "C:\Program Files\Apache Software
> Foundation\Apache2.2\conf\openssl.cnf"
> When I do the set without the double quotes, it works. Ugh. Wrapper time?

NO :)  You made a simple syntax error, the SET command in cmd.exe or even
good old doesn't parse double quotes, use SET by itself after
the fact to see the quotes are part of the value you created above (bad).

FYI -conf pathto\openssl.cnf also works, IIRC.

> Don't know about the shm session cache. Otherwise, the quotation issues
> are fairly minor. I see that in trunk on unix we quote paths, and in
> extra/httpd-ssl.conf we don't. Time to rigorously quote every path in
> those extra config files as well?

I think so.

> One final nitpick: I now have both httpd 2.2.4 and Tomcat 6.0.10
> installed on that box, and there are two systray icons, one for each
> server, both with a cute little Feather icon.  Backwards reels the
> mind.  We seriously need to talk about sharing the love here.  I assume
> those are ApacheMonitor.exe and tomcat6w.exe?  Why not ship one that
> picks up both httpd and Tomcat services, whose presence is recognized by
> the other's installer?

:)  Because Mladen contributed ApacheMonitor, then ported for Tomcat.
Sort of silly, I agree that some central mechanism for storing ASF-ish
services would be wonderful.

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