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From Topher Fischer <>
Subject Content-Encoding: identity
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 21:52:15 GMT
Here's the deal.  I'm behind a proxy/web filter (squid/dansguardian). The proxy is making requests
on behalf of our users, and it uses "Accept-Encoding: identity" in its HTTP request to an
Apache 2.2.4 server.  When the reply comes back from the webserver, it has both "Content-Encoding:
identity" and "Content-Encoding: gzip" listed in the HTTP headers (in that order).  This is
confusing Firefox.  It expects the page to be in the "identity" form, but it's gzip'd, so
when it prints it to the screen, it's all gzip'd nonsense.

I went to go submit this according to the instructions under "Bug Reporting", but I can't
try to verify it against the most recent version of Apache.  Can anybody else verify this
or just let me know if it's a bug?

Here's a link (out in the wild) that presents the problem for me:

Topher Fischer
GnuPG Fingerprint: 3597 1B8D C7A5 C5AF 2E19  EFF5 2FC3 BE99 D123 6674

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