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From Kevin <>
Subject Re: Status of Bug # 39243
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2007 02:38:49 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> Kevin wrote:
>> Additionally, I've added the following to the bug report:
>> Sorry.  I should have added above that there are no client certificates
>> involved in these uploads.  I'm not savvy enough about the internals of
>> either apache or plone to know, but I suppose that means it's possible
>> that what I'm seeing is not actually this bug, but the behavior of my
>> systems match the symptoms in every way except for the involvement of
>> client certificates
> Exactly; your report doesn't belong in 39243 at all if you don't use the
> client certificate functions.

Well, not knowing apache internals myself, it seems I must accept your 
statement here.  But doing so leaves a number of questions unanswered.

> I came across a number of documents (google might be useful to you here)
> that refer to IE's behavior

Google brought me to the apache bug report in the first place when I had 
nothing to go on but a 413 error being thrown by my apache server.

> "2. Read all the source data.  Client browsers accepts only one response:
> 100 continue. Or, as IE - the browser ignores initial server response -
> sends the form data regardless of the response."
> Which might mean 1. we need to be able to disable this behavior relative
> to bug 39243 (100-continue-async or something), and 2. have some relevance
> on how your POST-accepting application is failing.  But I suspect your
> failures have nothing to do with "Apache" itself.

Is it your take then, that this problem only manifests itself in a 
poorly designed web application?  If so, I'll pass that along to the 
plone developers and maybe they need to modify some of their code.

But if the failures I'm seeing have nothing to do with apache itself, 
then why is apache throwing the error?  Realize that I'm not familiar 
with the code in question.

Bottom line is:

a) I don't see this problem in plone sites that are configured 
identically with regard to being fronted by apache, but that are not 
secured with ssl;

b) that the error is being thrown by apache (apache logs an error in its 
error logs), not by plone;

c) that it is an extreme limitation on any site where it is common 
practice to upload large files, and it's quite common to want to secure 
such sites with SSL.

If the cause of these problems is not bug 39243, then I can't help 
thinking that I should open a new bug report for my situation.

Thank you for the comments.


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