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From Kevin <>
Subject Status of Bug # 39243
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2007 20:50:11 GMT
Hi List-

This isn't a support question, so please don't ignore it.

It's a legitimate dev-type question on the status of an open bug that I 
don't see answers to on bugzilla at:

Can anyone share any sort of status on this bug?

I'm running into this bug with 2.2.3 and plone (as indicated in my 
comment on bugzilla), and it really puts a huge damper on what I can do 
with plone.

Surely there are other people that are suffering consequences of this 
bug, no?  How are you working around it?

Are there any plans to resolve this any time soon?  I'm guessing it's 
still present in 2.2.4 since I don't see anything in the change log 
about it.

Can anyone comment?

If it's not going to be resolved in apache soon, then I'm going to have 
to find a completely different solution.

Thanks in advance.


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