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From "howard chen" <>
Subject Re: What do you think about Lighttpd?
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 16:43:24 GMT
On 2/27/07, Nick Kew <> wrote:
> You have the choice.  If more people use mod_php than fastcgi,
> that's because they're choosing it.

yes, this is really interesting. sometimes i really don't understand them...
especially php does not recommended threaded MPM in
continue to use apache 1.x ?


> Since Apache 2.0, we've had the MPM architecture, which means you can
> plug in your choice of processing model.  That's also how Apache 2
> works cross-platform, rather than being (like Apache 1) a Unix server
> ported with lots of compromises in performance/etc to other platforms.

i was surprised that event based MPM did not catch too much attention
of Apache developers? maybe i am wrong? :)


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